Welcome to Jeremy Lee Chen Seong Official Business Page

Jeremy Lee Chen Seong is an entrepreneur based in Singapore from past two decades who gathered expertise in global technology and healthcare Industry. He developed his experience in sourcing and distributing the medical consumables and disposables. He formed various medical membership programs to lead and equip people towards various healthcare benefits and also advised the chain of medical practices in Singapore.

While working with the various dignified companies, he formed an extensive platform named as Canaan Medical Pte Ltd. The main aim of this platform was to talk about how businesses can generate the capabilities of forming a business with right decision making power, company restructuring strategies, legal advice and guidance towards right merger and acquisition.

Metaphor for Business

By working in various industries and companies he somehow felt the need to help businesses gain understanding towards right kind of advice and consultancy for their future endeavour. He understood how businesses can form a quality rich and sustainable business with some tactful strategies and measures. Which is why, he formed his expertise in these 3 domains: Merger and acquisitions, Company Restructuring and Legal Advisory.

Areas of Expertise

Merger and Acquisitions

In the most basic business sense, merger and acquisitions (M&A) are the transactions where the ownership of a company is either transferred fully or partially. The task is not difficult to perform but the decision that has to be taken is somehow challenging. For that businesses need right kind of support and guidance. There are certain decisions and steps that need to be prepared before heading on to such big step. Businesses should seek the possible advice and consultancy on decisions of M&A. With positive guidance and support, no hardship or difficulty is bigger.

Legal Advisory

A business becomes alleged when it is functioning truly and adhering to the laws made. The task of handling legal matters is not that simple, it requires thorough research and analytics. The businesses are so occupied with their activities; it leaves no time for them to focus on other major tasks. His team has deep understating in the legal demeanour and knows the best possible legal practices that can help business deal with the legal and lawful matters skilfully. The team will then conduct the required legal analytics and will provide their supervision to combat the matters diligently.

Company Restructuring

The team provides comprehensive operational and financial restructuring strategies to businesses. The businesses often lack in understanding and realising how business need to structure the path of their future endeavours. Therefore, the team has a sense of understanding the correct approach to businesses and can come up with impactful measures by studying business’s philosophy.

Achievements in the Diversified Fields

Jeremy initially started his career in global healthcare and medical consumable manufacturing. He and his team understood the need of having medical disposables like mask, gowns, gloves and many others for the hospitals to keep harmful diseases like H1N1 flu at bay. Therefore, he devoted his hard work in the manufacturing of bio-degradable and green medical masks. The production and manufacturing process was brought to a whole large scale because of the deep involvement of the government in the cause. The cause became so acceptable that it was highlighted and published by the newspaper “The Business Times” as well. His team was able to pull out great efforts on spreading the awareness towards healthy and fit life. He indulged greatly in spreading the need of having proper healthcare across the globe and was able to advise the chain of medical practices in Singapore as well.

Later he found finesse in IT sector, where he invented a palmtop device called as “wave clip” that could easily connect various physical devices like printers, laptop, mobile and many other Bluetooth capable devices over a physical network. This palmtop device became a show stealer because of rich and exquisite features like secondary storage, more safety features to maintain privacy and many others. The perspective segment of the newspaper “The computer Times” critically acclaimed this device by showcasing how this device is impactful for the technological era of the years to come.

The newspapers and media supported his vision and helped him to go further in deeds. Their praise in the form of words helped him to grow skills of entrepreneur and develop the professional career.

This is why, he was able to form a platform called Canaan Medical Pte Ltd to help businesses from fumbling or stuttering in the real-life challenges or difficulties of the business world by providing the solution based on real-life illustrations in domains of mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring and legal advisory.